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Schwäbisch Hall

From october 16th to 18th the IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH, the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg (MLR) and BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH invite all interested parties to the event "Progress Manure and Digestate 2018". The international conference with trade exhibition and excursion will address the latest international scientific state and successful examples of implementation in the field of manure and digestate.

  • Press release - 29-Aug-2018

    The natural substance 3-carene is a component of turpentine oil, a waste stream of the production of cellulose from wood. Up to now, this by-product has been incinerated for the most part. Fraunhofer researchers are using new catalytic processes to convert 3-carene into building blocks for biobased plastics. The new polyamides are not only transparent, but also have a high thermal stability.

  • Article - 23-Aug-2018

    New studies reveal that rivers are major contributors to marine ecosystem pollution. A study commissioned by environmental authorities in BW and four other German states analysed samples from 25 rivers to gain an idea of the occurrence of microplastics in German inland waters. In addition, Dr. Natalie Orlowski from the University of Freiburg is analysing microplastics pollution in the Dreisam River.

  • Article - 15-Aug-2018

    Biomass can be carbonised and converted into certified carbon using a technology called “carbotwin”, which enables simultaneous production of energy. The carbon is thus stored in the end products and does not enter the atmosphere as CO2. Carbonauten, a start-up company from the Baden-Württemberg town of Giengen, shows that the process is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically viable.

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