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Funding guidelines for the "GO-Bio" contest

The "GO-Bio" funding guidelines are for teams that are led by outstanding scientific researchers. The projects have the medium-term goal of utilising research results for commercial application. That is why the teams’ capacities have to go beyond the life sciences and should also comprise important, multidisciplinary skills that are required for successful company foundation and product market entry.

The prime goal of the envisaged transfer of the results is their commercialisation through the establishment of a company in the field of biotechnology.

The further development of a research topic that is dealt with by the project leaders and their work groups will be supported if the researchers intend to develop application potentials and validate them technologically, as well as prepare for the commercialisation of the research results, primarily through the establishment of a private company.

Funding will be provided in two phases for up to three years.

During the first funding phase, the work group has to provide proof of concept, and develop concrete commercialisation or clinical application strategies for the further transfer of the research into applicable commodities. This also comprises the development and updating of a business plan. In the second funding phase, proof of technology has to be provided and product launch strategies (proof of market) be developed. At the same time, the business model that is to be pursued along with the company concept will have to be concretised further in order to enable potential co-operation partners to accomplish a detailed economic assessment of the work group’s work and results.

Universities or research institutions can apply for GO-Bio funding. In the second funding phase, industrial partners can also apply. For the selected projects, allowances will be granted through project funding as non-repayable subsidies. The funding will initially be granted for a period of up to three years. Successful intermediate and final evaluations will provide the work groups with second phase funding for up to three years. These funds will be granted for a new project at the applying research institution or undertaken by the start-up company.

The deadline for submitting project proposals for the third round is 15 October 2008. The project management organisation Jülich is responsible for coordinating the funding programme.
Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/news/funding-guidelines-for-the-go-bio-contest