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Marvel GmbH – ecological materials with a sophisticated design

Marvel GmbH, based in Bad Teinach, has set itself the goal of combining innovative materials with sophisticated design and where safety, fire protection and acoustic properties go hand in hand with attractiveness, high-quality design and sustainability. The company uses its own innovative biomaterial called “Marvel Bioresin”.

Plastics or glass plates play an important role in architecture, exhibition space and store construction in that they give a room a decorative and pleasing look. Marvel GmbH manufactures plates from different types of plastics, including polyester and acryl glass, as well as glass. Marvel GmbH produces standard design plates, but also offers its clients the possibility of designing and producing plates according to specific requirements. The company uses special machines to produce panel sizes of up to 2.5 times eight metres. The plates can be used as dividing walls in innovative store construction and their decorative surfaces enable products to be presented in an attractive way.

Plastic plates made from PLA

Marvel GmbH has also decided to move away from oil-based plastics and towards new ecological materials. “Marvel Bioresin is a substitute for the thermoplastic plastics in plate technology,” said Carolus Bremer, the company’s managing director. The plates are produced from polylactic acid (PLA), which in turn is produced from plant fibres. Marvel Bioresin is thus CO2-neutral and can be composted. The transparent material can be used for store and exhibition construction as well as sophisticated architectural applications in exactly the same way as oil-based plastics.

Marvel Bioresin plates are produced from PLA with a honeycomb core.

The cover layer of the Bioresin plastics plates is made with a special Bioresin honeycomb core, making the plates both transparent and light-transmissive. The new biomaterial offers perfect sustainability as well as glass-like aesthetics. Marvel GmbH also offers a broad colour spectrum. Biological dyes guarantee a fully ecological material. “In terms of production, the material is fully mature. What is still lacking is a larger number of practical applications,” said the managing director.

Aesthetics and the capacity to compost the material

Besides the impressive design of the Bioresin plates, the material scores high in exhibition space construction due its compostability. At the end of exhibitions, exhibitors no longer leave behind many tons of hazardous waste, instead they leave CO2-neutral compostable plates. The biomaterial is not only suitable for large projects, but can also be used on a small scale. “The new Bioresin shows that biomaterials can be used for a great deal more than just producing jute bags and that it is possible to produce attractive products with a sophisticated design,” said Bremer.

In exhibition construction, Marvel uses the thermoplastic polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), which is resistant to breakage and characterised by a high level of fire protection. The PETG plates are sold under the name “Marvel Satino”. After manufacture, the plastic plates are calendered, which makes their surface matt and velvety. The plates can be produced in a broad range of colours and are also suitable for the manufacture of modern furniture.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/news/marvel-gmbh-ecological-materials-with-a-sophisticated-design