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Selected press releases on bioeconomy-related topics

  • Press release - 27-Feb-2017

    The Interreg Danube Translational Programme’s ”DanuBioValNet” project aims to establish new biobased value chains. Under the leadership of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 17 partners from the Danube region met on 1st January 2017 to pave the ground for transnational collaboration in the biobased industry. Regional cluster organisations are expected to drive the change from a fossil fuel-based industry to a biobased industry forward and will be given intensive training to help them initiate transnational networking in this sector.

  • Press release - 09-Dec-2015

    High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is raising its seed investment to €600k and lowering interest rates by 4%. This is in response to changing requirements in the start-up and venture capital scene, as well as current interest rate trends. The package of measures will be effective from January 1, 2016.

  • Press release - 18-Aug-2014

    The use of sustainable raw materials is the focus of the new research programme bio-economy for which the Baden-Württemberg State Government is making 13 million Euros available. Of the total of 45 research projects recommended for funding 11 projects already approved are established at seven institutes at the University of Stuttgart these have a volume of two million Euros.

  • Press release - 26-Jun-2014

    At the end of May the first German-Chinese workshop on the role of biotechnology in a future bioeconomy was held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT with generous support from the Baden-Württemberg government. Researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences institutes Tianjin Dalian Tsingtau and from the Chinese Universities of Beijing Nanking and Shanghai met with Baden-Württemberg experts to discuss the current state of research in China and Germany as well as concepts related to future biobased industrial production.

  • Press release - 03-Dec-2013

    BIOPROs Bioeconomy Baden-Württembergs path towards a sustainable future status report provides insights into the world of bioeconomy and also information about the measures that the Baden-Württemberg government is taking to support the transition from a fossil-fuel economy to one based on biological resources. The bilingual English and German report can be downloaded from the BIOPRO website.

  • Press release - 16-Oct-2013

    The BIOTECHNICA trade show rolled out the red carpet for its exhibitors. Over 10,000 visitors walked over the carpet to inspect the exhibits that were on display at the Baden-Württemberg booth. The impressive exhibits of the companies showed that Baden-Württemberg has many highly innovative SMEs in the life sciences field.

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