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Antibiotics & Co: Insilico and partners to improve biotech production

A veritable network specialist has become active in yet another network: the GenBioCom joint project financed by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is profiting from Insilico Biotechnology‘s know-how on bacterial metabolism and genome-based metabolic simulations. The ultimate goal is to improve and expand the commercial use of Actinomyces bacteria as producers of bioproducts and active agents.

Actinomyces are a special kind of bacteria. The Streptomyces subgroup, in particular, is especially interesting for the commercial production of antibiotics, enzymes and other ground substances in the field of white biotechnology. Around 4.000 of the approximately 6.000 antibiotics already established on the market are secondary products of Streptomyces.

The potentials are obviously enormous and are now to be systematically exploited and developed. This is the aim of a new group of German research institutions and companies with Insilico Biotechnology as one of the two required direct partners from industry. It benefits the project with its knowledge, data and simulation know-how on bacterial metabolic processes. "We will be using our genome-based network models which combine primary and secondary metabolism to improve efficiency in the production of targeted substances for the first time on a rigid systematic basis", explains CEO Klaus Mauch. Genomic data as well as transcriptome and metabolome data will be used to find new ways of improving production, which will – in time – lead to an increase in the yield of antibiotics.

Not only Insilico’s project partners will profit from the joint project but also its customers. Thanks to the cooperation, Insilico will continue to enhance its competency in finding solutions for industrial bioproduction and will increase the number of methods for identifying mechanisms of action to optimise metabolism for production purposes. Insilico’s portfolio of network models will also be extended to include commercially interesting Actinomyces strains.

GenBioCom will be coordinated by Prof. Wolfgang Wohlleben from the University of Tübingen and is sponsored by BMBF. The Federal Ministry is investing 3 million EUR in this ambitious project which will last 3 years and fulfil sustainability requirements. New products and products with optimised yields will be put on the market without delay. Here too, Insilico Biotechnology will play a major part as it will qualify potential customers from industry for the use of such products.

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