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BioIndustry 2021: Meet German leading-edge clusters at BIOTECHNICA 2011

Four of the five clusters that have won the BMBF “BioIndustry 2021” competition will be present at a joint booth at BIOTECHNICA, Europe’s leading trade fair for biotechnology and the life sciences to be held in Hanover, Germany from 11th to 13th October. They will be presenting insights into visions they have been working on and talking about their place in the industrial biotechnology sector of the future.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the “BioIndustry 2021” cluster competition in autumn 2006 in order to promote industrial biotechnology in Germany. The objective of the winners is to support the development of industrial biotechnology on a national as well as international level and safeguard Germany’s leading position in this sector now and beyond the five-year funding period of “BioIndustry 2021”.

The clusters “Integrated Bioindustry Frankfurt “ (CIB), “BIOCATALYSIS2021”, “Biopolymers/Biomaterials” and “BioM WB” will be setting up a joint presentation at BIOTECHNICA for “BioIndustry 2021”. This year, the clusters will present their activities and visions at the joint Baden-Württemberg booth where numerous companies and institutions from Baden-Württemberg, which is home to the Biopolymers/Biomaterials cluster, will also be present.

The clusters will present results of their current projects and their different focal points: the Biopolymers/Biomaterials cluster focuses mainly on projects involving the development of biobased plastics using biotechnological methods; BIOCATALYSIS2021’s goal is to develop new biocatalysts and innovative screening technologies. The BioM WB network is mainly focused on the biotechnological and economical manufacturing of platform chemicals as well as innovative materials and the optimisation of manufacturing processes. The CIB concentrates mainly on industrial biotechnology with a special emphasis on fine and specialty chemicals. The four clusters therefore come together to form a joint platform for the promotion of industrial biotechnology in Germany.

In addition to presenting the BioIndustry 2021 clusters, this year’s BIOTECHNICA offers excellent opportunities for developers and users to exchange information at the Industrial Biotechnology Forum on 12th October. The forum will present concrete examples of how biotechnological processes are being applied in industrial manufacturing as well as the latest results from projects carried out by the BioIndustry 2021 clusters.

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