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BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg’s Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster at ACHEMA 2012

The discussion relating to bioeconomy and biobased economy is broadening. But what do these terms actually mean? The “View on Biobased Economy – Bioeconomy” presentation theme at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt has provided some answers. Several exhibitors presented industrial biotechnology product scenarios and provided information about current funding programmes and future funding calls.

Expert talks at the "View on Biobased Economy - Bioeconomy". © BIOPRO

After a slow start on Monday 18th June, BIOPRO’s 245-m² booth located in the “Galleria” attracted a large number of visitors. “Our strategy and DECHEMA’s offer to set up our “View on Biobased Economy – Bioeconomy” exhibition in the spacious, naturally lit “Galleria and exhibit alongside the BMBF, BMELV and FNR and was the right decision,” said Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH and organizer of the joint booth, talking about the recent trade fair.

The car of the future runs without petrol: airbag cover, fuel tubes and steering wheel coating are all made of biobased plastics. © BIOPRO

The exhibits led to numerous interesting discussions. Visitors were given plenty of information about different biomaterials and the car parts and everyday objects that can be produced with them. The booth also showed how biomass can be converted into biofuel (bioethanol, biokerosene) and how leather can be tanned with natural olive leaf compounds. Visitors could also try out an armchair upholstered in this leather. One authentically “renewable” exhibit, which could actually be seen growing on site, involved mushrooms whose enzymes can be used to produce flavouring substances. There was information for schoolchildren and students about training and career options in the sustainable area of bioeconomy. “We have made a decisive contribution to raising public awareness of ACHEMA’s lead topic - the bioeconomy,” said Kindervater.

Flying display in the “Galleria”

Dr. Ralf Kindervater explaining the technical refinements of the air drone, which was also a raffle prize. © BIOPRO

The air drone controlled by Dr. Kindervater and the “SmartBird” produced by the southern German company FESTO AG gave a flying display in the “Galleria” and over one hundred visitors bought tickets in the raffle organized by the Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster. G. Spatz-Kümbel from Offenbach was the lucky winner and took the air drone home. Asked what he would like to see in the news about the bioeconomy in six years or so, Spatz-Kümbel said he would like to see fossil fuels being replaced with renewable fuels.

The “View on Biobased Economy – Bioeconomy” booth was jointly run by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), Project Management Jülich (PTJ) and the BioIndustry 2021 clusters BioM WB GmbH (Planegg/Martinsried), BIOKATALYSE2021 (Hamburg), Integrated Bioindustry Frankfurt (Wiesbaden) and Biopolymers/Biomaterials of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH (Stuttgart).

ACHEMA 2012 attracted 167,000 visitors and more than 3,700 exhibitors from 56 countries who provided information about products and services in the chemical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology sectors.

Impressions from the “View on Biobased Economy – Bioeconomy” booth

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/pm/biopro-baden-wuerttemberg-s-biopolymers-biomaterials-cluster-at-achema-2012