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Competence networks in agricultural and nutrition research

The BMBF has announced the guidelines for the funding of “Competence networks in agricultural and nutrition research” in the “Biotechnologie – Chancen nutzen und gestalten” (Biotechnology – Seize the opportunity, and turn it into profit) framework programme.

Based on recommendations from the Science Council in November 2006, the BMBF hopes that this competition will contribute to combining the skills of universities and extramural research institutions in the field of agricultural and nutrition research, also involving departmental research and the economy. It is planned to strengthen this process by focusing agricultural and nutrition research on topics of the future, which have a high social relevance, both on a regional and global level. In particular, support will be given to those topics which cover the entire value creation chain, starting from the production of natural resources up to the provision of high-quality raw materials (food, animal feed, biomass) for the consumer.

In order to support this process, the BMBF is funding competence networks dealing with future- and application-oriented topics in the field of agricultural and nutrition research which contribute to the systematic setting of priorities of the entire agricultural research landscape in Germany. It is planned to use the synergy effects arising from the stronger cooperation of institutions working in agricultural and nutrition science with related disciplines and the economy on a regional, national and international level.

The following topics are given priority: structural change in rural areas; globalisation of the economic relations in the agricultural sector; biodiversity of plants and animals under altered environmental conditions, use of modern biotechnological methods on crops and farm animals as well as their practical application; balanced animal production, nutrition research, for example focusing on biomedical aspects; environment protection and quality assurance (animal health, safe food, etc.) along the entire agricultural value creation chains; agricultural landscape research as well the energetic and material use of biomass, in particular involving coupled utilisation concepts, taking into consideration greenhouse gas balances.

The funding process consists of two phases. The BMBF has commissioned its Project Management Organisation Jülich to coordinate the funding measure. Initially, applications have to be submitted to the Project Management Organisation Jülich before the 15th April 2008.
Duration: 2008 to 2013; finance available: 50 million euros.

Source: BMBF - 10.12.2007

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