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fischer group of companies – innovation in plastics technology

The fischer group of companies is treading an innovative path in the field of plastics technology. The new biopolyamide plug has the same values as the tried and tested product made of conventional nylon and it also takes the technology a step further towards sustainable fixing systems. The close cooperation between the cluster partners is what makes such developments possible.

The fischer group of companies (Waldachtal) is globally active in four business areas: fixing systems, automotive systems, fischertechnik and process consulting. The family-run company, established over 60 years ago, stands for innovation, quality and service. fischer employs around 3,800 people and sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world. It has 33 subsidiaries in 30 countries. Every year, the company files more than 14 patents per 1000 employees, which places fischer third among all big patent applicants (industry average: 0.57).

Close cooperation with the Biopolymers/Biomaterials cluster

fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG in Waldachtal © MediaServiceOnline fischer group of companies

The company's research and development activities are focused on the areas of plastics technology, steel and chemistry. Plastics technology deals, amongst other things, with the biopolyamides theme. The dedicated team of engineers, craftsmen and people focused on product testing, are in close contact with members of the Biopolymers/Biomaterials cluster, thus enabling the quick optimisation of material based on the testing of original parts under serial conditions. Results and findings can therefore be communicated directly to the developer of the material without needing to use an intermediary. "I am sure there is no other closer interface between several different companies," said Rainer Fischer, head of synthetics development at fischer.

UX with staying power

The fischer UX Universal Plug made of conventional nylon has been established in the market for many years, giving users the feeling of reliability and safety. With every turn of the screw, the plug tightens – until it is safely expanded inside the drill hole or sitting tightly inside the cavity. A true all-rounder, the plug achieves a perfect grip in any wall, be it plasterboard, solid bricks, perforated bricks or concrete.

Same retaining power as a standard plug

fischer UX, made from renewable materials, has the same retaining power as conventional plugs. © fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG, Waldachtal

"Extensive tests and long-term trials have shown that the UX, which is made of biopolyamide, has the same values as the tried and tested product made of conventional nylon," says Rainer Fischer, head of synthetics development at fischer. In continuous tests, the "Organic Plug" consistently shows the same retaining values as the conventional UX. Investigations to test the plugs' performance at high temperatures show the same temperature resistance for both plugs.

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