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Insilico moves to new premises

Insilico Biotechnology is well on the way up. The company moved to the STEP Engineering Park in Stuttgart at the turn of the year to have more space and expand their facilities to meet customers’ increasing requirements.

Insilico can now be found on the fifth floor of Building 8.2 where its highly qualified staff has 210 square metres at their disposal under optimal conditions. The new address is Meitnerstrasse 8 in 70563 Stuttgart.

One of the main reasons for the move was to optimise intern work cycles. In the former building, Insilico’s offices lay far apart whereas STEP works with open-space architecture providing Insilico with connected rooms which meet all the requirements for modern office work stations. The open space office area has an integrated conference room so that the team can communicate easily and intensively making their work even more efficient and promoting good practices for Insilico as an IT-based biotech and pharmaceutical service provider. „The new premises are ideal for the way we work both as individuals and as a team, out to find solutions for complex problems regarding the simulation and modelling of metabolic processes for bioproduction “, says Klaus Mauch, Insilico’s CEO.

Ever aware of customers’ needs, Klaus Mauch and his team put a lot of store on housing the company’s hard and soft ware as safely as possible – with room for expansion. Insilico’s server cluster is in secure rooms with air-conditioning, multiple emergency power supplies and a CO2 extinguishing system. The server cluster and computer network are linked with fibre optic cable for high speed networking. The data server is located in a high security area where access is regulated by an iris scanning process for authentication. Access to the building is also secured with a key card system. „We placed a lot of emphasis both on the multiple securing of our computer system in air-conditioned surroundings and on options for expanding our IT capacities. On our new premises, we can enlarge our facilities at any time on demand e.g. to meet customers’ requirements“, continues Mauch.

Another advantage of the move is the Engineering Park’s outstanding infrastructure. STEP has conference rooms for up to 400 participants which are at Insilico’s disposal if the need arises. It is also highly convenient that other IT-providers are nearby in the same park and that Insilico’s partners such as the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institutes are easy to reach as well as several national motorways, Stuttgart international airport and major regional train stations.

Further Information:

Insilico Biotechnology AG
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T +49 711 460 594-18
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Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/pm/insilico-moves-to-new-premises