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MYKOTOWN to focus in future on renewable energies and sustainably produced fuels

In the future, the Swiss company MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG will focus on sustainably produced fuels and regenerative energies. The company is thus continuing its journey towards the production of biological and ecological plants using mycorrhizal fungi as well as tapping new fields of business.

Production of Jatropha seedlings (the plants in the foreground were not treated with mycorrhiza, those in the back were). © Mykotown Greentech AG

After having spent many years on the application of mycorrhizal products for the improvement of plant growth, and on the production and commercialisation of mycorrhizal fungi, MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG is now going a step further: the cultivation, production and commercialisation of biological fuels. MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG will benefit from its experience in the cultivation of Jatropha plants, which experiments show to be a future source of biofuels. Jatropha oil has the dual advantages that it is not used as human food and that it grows on meagre soils. Therefore, the cultivation of Jatropha plants does not create the ethical issues (energy production versus food supply) that arise in many nature conservation organisations. Projects involving the application of Jatropha oil for car engines were started way back in the 1980s.

Huge yield increase

The use of biotechnologically produced mycorrhizal fungi showed that the yields of Jatropha plants could be considerably increased and that the plants can also be cultivated on previously unused areas. The yield increase of around 50% led to MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG’s vision of establishing its own Jatropha and palm oil plantations in Africa using previously untouched karst and steppe land. “We have set up Jatropha plantations at numerous West African locations both by expanding existing plantations and creating new ones,” said Oliver Hubold, member of the company’s board of directors adding that the company only uses areas that are unsuitable for food and feed production.

Increasing plant oil demand

This led to the idea of establishing energy oases following the Egyptian SEKEM model. There is a growing demand around the world for plant oils that are produced on a purely natural basis. In Germany alone, block heat and power plants require more than 4 million tons of plant oil for the production of power and heat. MYKOTOWN has already received orders for Jatropha oil. The delivery of Jatropha oil to block heat and power plants, led MYKOTOWN to establish Naturstrom24 AG and enter the growing regenerative energy market. The sustainable production of wood using mycorrhiza, the processing into wood chips and the operation of wood gasification block and heat power plants will constitute in future another of MYKOTOWN’s business areas, which it will be pursuing in cooperation with other companies.

With its sustainable and CO2-neutral concept, MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG and its Naturstrom24 principle, the company has laid the foundations for rapid company growth. Investors also stand to benefit from this concept in the future. The sale of profit-sharing rights provides investors with attractive interest yields at the same time as enabling them to actively contribute to nature conservation and the future of our children.

MYKOTOWN® GREENTECH AG, which was established in March 2002 as TRA MER & Partner Service AG, initially focused, amongst other things, on the sale and storage of mineral products as well as providing a broad range of associated services.

In 2008, the company acquired a German company and changed its name to MYKOTOWN GREENTECH AG. The company gradually started to focus on increasing the yield of energy plants using natural mycorrhizal soil fungi as well as on the production and sale of Jatropha plant oils and sustainably produced timber. In future, the company plans to operate energy and heat production plants, thereby also paving the way into the lucrative market of regenerative energies and sustainably produced fuels.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/pm/mykotown-to-focus-in-future-on-renewable-energies-and-sustainably-produced-fuels