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Successful network conference of the Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster

There was a varied programme for the participants of the Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster network conference. Speakers from a broad range of different sectors talked about innovative biomaterials as well as cluster development.

Michael Carus (Managing Director of the nova Institute) talked about innovative biomaterials. © BIOPRO

The "Netzwerktreffen 2009" conference of the Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster was held in Stuttgart on 23rd June. Around 60 participants from industry and science used the opportunity to gather information about the industrial aspects of biomaterials and get insights into the cluster's project work. Will biopolymers be able to replace petrochemical products in the future? What is the additional benefit of biomaterials? What is the advantage of a cluster when entering new fields? These, and other questions, were dealt with at the lively plenary discussion that closed the conference.

Biotechnology as a motor of innovation

Hubert Romer led the plenary discussion involving (from left to right) Dr. Arnold Schneller, Helmut Nägele, Michael Carus and Dr. Meike Kammler. © BIOPRO
The conference delegates came from a wide variety of disciplines: representatives from the medical engineering sector; the automotive sector; the textile and packaging industries; as well as representatives of the traditional plastics-processing industry, research institutions and business developers - such a variety reflecting the huge potential of these innovative materials. “Biotechnology can be a driver of innovation for the industry,” concluded Dr. Ralf Kindervater, adding that the complete value creation chain was represented in the cooperative projects and key in the successful development of new materials for the market. At the concluding get together, the participants enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere in which they were able to discuss individual questions. Many people enjoyed the opportunity to make contact with people from other industry sectors. Topic-related workshops, partnering events and the provision of a communication platform for members of the Biopolymers/Biomaterials Cluster were some of the items on the wish list of the participants for future Cluster activities. The partners hope that at least some of these suggestions will be fulfilled in 2009.

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