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TECNARO wins European Inventor Award

TECNARO GmbH located in Ilsfeld near Heilbronn is very happy about winning one of the most prestigious international awards, the European Inventor Award.

The winners of the European Inventor Award 2010: Jürgen Pfitzer and Helmut Nägele © European Patent Office

The two managing directors of TECNARO GmbH, Jürgen Pfitzer and Helmut Nägele, were proposed by international patent examiners and nominated from among more than 1,000 inventors and patent applicants for the European Inventor Award 2010, awarded annually by the EU Commission and the European Patent Office (EPO). On April 28th a high level jury has chosen Tecnaro. The award was handed over in Madrid by Alison Brimelow, President of the European Patent Office for the invention of ARBOFORM, an environmentally friendly material replacing petroleum-based plastics in many industrial applications and offering further significant advan-tages for example being biodegradable and pleasant to handle as a finished product (wood). Awarded are inventors and inventions which contribute significantly and sustainable to technical progress and due to this to the increase in European economy. Key factors were innovation, already achieved success in the market and future potential. Prince Felipe und Princess Letizia, heir apparents from Spain patronized the award in 2010 and congratulated the winners.

Nuclear physicist Professor Dr. Wolfgang Krätschmer from Heidelberger, whose research al-lowed producing stable carbon types which revolutionize probably AIDS research, was awarded for his life time achievement.

Among previous awardees are outstanding personalities such as Adolf Goetz Berger (2009), the “father” of solar technology, Nobel Prize winner in Physics Peter Grünberg (2006), AIDS re-searcher Eric De Clercq (2008) and Federico Faggin (2006), the inventor of the micro-processor.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/pm/tecnaro-wins-european-inventor-award