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Baden-Württemberg and its companies

Bioeconomy refers to the sustainable management of renewable natural resources, which is why there is no such thing as a bioeconomy industry in the traditional sense. However, there are companies in Baden-Württemberg that use biomass as raw material base and have already developed products and processes in their effort to act more sustainably

The energy producer badenova uses male corn plants to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). The company circumvents the food vs fuel conflict as the male plants are only used to pollinate female corn before being discarded. A company called TECNARO from Ilsfeld/Auenstein near Heilbronn has developed a technology that it uses to produce injection-mouldable plastics and fibrous materials from lignin. These materials are already being used in numerous products. The company fischerwerke has developed a wall plug that is partially produced from renewable resources. The wall plug is produced from two-component nylon, and one of the two components is produced from castor oil. Daimler AG's A-Class is equipped with an engine cover that is also produced with a plastic partially made from biological resources.

Companies not only face challenges relating to products, but also concerning innovative production processes. New methods and machines need to be developed in order to be able to use biomass sustainably on an industrial scale. This means that traditional sectors such as the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors must be made aware and persuaded of the necessity and benefits of the bioeconomy.

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH is specifically interested in contacting companies that are already involved in bioeconomic activities, as well as companies that wish to contribute to the development of this area. Our contact details can be found under "BIOPRO services – Contacts".

Company profiles

  • Article - 30-Jan-2019

    Industry has been using enzymes for over a hundred years. While it initially had to content itself with natural enzymes, it is now increasingly possible to design tailor-made biocatalysts with specific properties. The start-up company candidum GmbH from Stuttgart promises to achieve this faster than ever before - mostly thanks to accelerated virtual screening.

  • Article - 18-May-2015

    The founders of the company IneraTec are developing a chemical reactor that can produce synthetic fuels from a broad range of different gas sources. What is completely new is the size of the reactor: it is no bigger than a desk. The IneraTec founders have found a way to design a compact reactor that fits into a container and only needs be connected to a gas source. At present, the reactor is set up to use methane as a source gas, but it has the potential to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen mixtures into fuels at some point in the future. This, in combination with its decentralised application, gives some idea of the huge potential of the IneraTec reactor.

Company foundations in the bioeconomy field

  • Article - 31-Aug-2016

    Nadine Antic is a waste recycling specialist who set up a company called GlobalFlow when she was still a student. She recently joined forces with two other people to create a new company called albfertil GmbH, which has invented a natural fertilizer called WORMANIZER. The fertilizer is produced from biogenic food industry waste that normally ends up in the garbage. The unusual worm humus product has now been placed on the market.

  • Article - 04-Nov-2015

    In 2013, with the backing of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH and Plattform Umwelttechnik, the managing directors of GlobalFlow GmbH successfully obtained funding under the ”Young Innovators” programme. The programme is run by the Baden-Württemberg government and is aimed at giving university graduates who want to establish their own businesses the opportunity to develop their business idea further. Ursula Göttert from BIOPRO Baden-Württmberg GmbH met up with Nadine Antic, managing director of both GlobalFlow GmbH and albfertil GmbH, to find out how she has got on with her project.

News of bioeconomic companies

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