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IBL Umwelt- und Biotechnik GmbH

Since its foundation in 1984 in Heidelberg/Germany the name IBL stands for overall solutions in the environmental remediation sector. By close cooperation of engineers and experts with laboratories technical staff and consultants special competence for innovations and efficient solutions has been developed for the protection of the environment. This also holds true for the field of preventive as well as the remediative environmental protection. IBL is the expert for prevention and remediation of environmental damage.
We provide planning and technical realization as one unit. With the application of the combined competence of all company departments we offer fast solutions using the possibility of combining all the individual steps of analytics, engineering, construction and remediation techniques and of minimizing them to the required extent.

Biotech Companies, Environmental Remediation, Air/Waste Gas, Analytics, Microbiology, Soil, Water/Wastewater
Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/database/details/ibl-umwelt-und-biotechnik-gmbh/