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Progress in Biomethane-Mobility

Neubausaal, Schwäbisch Hall
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Neubausaal Schwäbisch Hall
Am Rosenbühl 14
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH
Akademie Schloss Kirchberg
E-mail: kontakt(at)ibbk-biogas.de​
Phone: +49 (0)7954 926203

International Conference with Company Exhibition and Excursion

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Following the motto “Science meets Practice”, IBBK’s 3-day conference “Progress in Biomethane Mobility” will bridge the gap between technology and end user. With multiple international speakers covering a wide range of subjects, we’ll address the international scientific community as well as practitioners to present you the status quo and latest technologies.

The company exhibition during both conference days and the excursion to selected biogas upgrading projects and biomethane mobility solutions in the region will put you in direct contact with the practical aspect of technology.

During the excursion, all registered participants get the chance to see the presented technologies first-hand, in practice.

Program Overview

  • Overview over political framework conditions
  • Current developments in biogas upgrading technologies
  • Climate neutral “multi-talent” biomethane
  • Practitioners & best-practice examples
  • Innovation and business forum
  • The future of hydrogen utilisation from Biogas
  • The future of renewable liquid fuels from Biogas

Important dates

October 11-12: Two conference days including presentations, company exhibition and poster session

October 13: Excursion to two selected biomethane projects in the region

Who is this Conference for?

  • Biogas plant operators, who are looking for ways
    to continue their operation beyond governmental subsidies
  • Drivers frustrated by high gasoline prices
  • Environmental certifiers
  • Trade press
  • Engineers in the field of energy consulting
  • Research & development
  • Natural gas suppliers
  • Representatives of ministries with a focus on CO2
    reduction from the environment, energy and mobility sectors
  • Gas infrastructure manufacturers (gas measurement, gas analysis, pipeline construction)
  • Policy makers in the field of CO2 emission reduction
  • Consulting service providers in the field of mobility
  • Municipal utilities and fleet operators (for example, car-sharing organisations)
  • Car dealers
  • Representatives of the automotive industry


On the third day of the event, an excursion to two different facilities with a direct biomethane and transportation focus will be offered to all participants (registration required).

As part of a guided tour you experience the daily operation of the facilities up close. Through direct contact with the operator and local experts, you can bring yourself up to date.

Participation in the excursion is not included in the regular participation fee for the conference.

More details regarding the excursions will be available around June 2022.


Harmen Dekker – European Biogas Association

Latest developments on biomethane use for transport

Harmen Dekker has worked for almost 15 years within the sustainability sector and is devoted to the mitigation of climate change. With both a technical as well as a business administration background he has built his career in the water and gas sector, where he has held various management positions. He joined the EBA after being involved in the biogas sector for over 5 years. During those years, he not only focused on expansion of biogas and in particular biomethane but also on the implementation of techniques such as bio-LNG, bio-Methanol, bio-Hydrogen and bioplastics.

Michael Kralemann – 3N-Kompetenzzentrum
Niedersachsen Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe und Bioökonomie e.V.

Bio-LNG model region a pilot project in Lower Saxony

Michael Kralemann studied mechanical engineering at the TU Braunschweig.
After working at the Lower Saxony Energy Agency, since 2006 at the 3N Competence Centre Lower Saxony Network Renewable Resources and Bioeconomy. His main focus is on the conception of bioenergy plants, in particular wood heating plants, heating networks and biogas processing/liquefaction.

Klaus Röder – Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs-GmbH

The hybrid biogas buses of Stadtwerke Augsburg

Klaus Röder is a trained banker and lawyer and has headed central purchasing at Stadtwerke Augsburg for 15 years. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the entire fleet consisting of 82 trams, 90 buses and 600 cars. His passion is to contribute to a sustainable mobility revolution.

Thomas Wöber – gibgas consulting

The sustainable BioCNG drive for almost any application
Current truck, bus, tractor and car models and their use

Thomas Wöber (51 years old), CNG driver since 1994, CNG-Club member since 2016, grew up at the Bavarian Untermain, business economist and since 2000 owner of gibgas consulting, Munich, is on the road as an expert consultant for CNG and LNG mobility.

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Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/progress-biomethane-mobility