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Selected press releases on bioeconomy-related topics

  • Press release - 07/05/2019

    In a research project, the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation (IPA) and the company Tecnaro and d dealt with orthoses and prostheses made of bio-based materials. You developed suitable organic polymer compounds, it produced prototypes and tested them. A bio-based knee prosthesis successfully was the constant load test ISO 10328, also turned out to be very promising 3D printing of prostheses with organic materials.

  • Press release - 16/01/2019

    An alliance of global companies from the plastics and consumer goods value chain today launched a new organization to advance solutions to eliminate plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean.

  • Press release - 12/12/2018

    This is the leitmotif of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, which was founded in 2003. 15 years is a good time to pause for a moment and take a look at BIOPRO’s work and achievements. As a central point of contact and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Baden-Württemberg government whose main objective is to promote networking, BIOPRO knows only too well that progress is not made alone, but in collaboration with others. On November 21, 2018, an industry and network meeting was held in the StadtPalais in Stuttgart.

  • Press release - 21/11/2018

    Europe’s leading universities in the field of the bioeconomy are looking to further intensify their existing cooperation to develop common problem-solving approaches for society’s most urgent challenges. Think Tank for Europe: The six leading European universities in the field of the bioeconomy are planning to join forces in research, teaching/education, and innovation in this subject area. Following the initiative of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany), they have laid the cornerstone for the “European Bioeconomy University” consortium - so that the European economy can become more resource-efficient, sustainable, competitive, and based on a circular mindset.

  • Press release - 21/11/2018

    Konstanz chemist Professor Stefan Mecking awarded funding for innovative refinery concept for microalgae lipids.

  • Press release - 02/11/2018

    Most detergents, cosmetics, and clothes, to name just a few products, are manufactured using petroleum, making such everyday items anything but eco-friendly. It is now possible to produce the bio-based and CO2-neutral basic chemicals for such articles with the help of fungi. Fraunhofer research teams are developing fermentation techniques and manufacturing processes to produce them on an industrial scale.

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