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9th International Bioeconomy Conference

free of charge
Online conference
Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Halle
BioEconomy e.V.
Nadja Sonntag
Phone: +49 (0) 345 5522 682
E-mail: nadja.sonntag(at)sciencecampus-halle.de

Anne-Karen Beck
Phone: +49 (0) 345 1314 2731
E-mail: anne-k.beck(at)bioeconomy.de

The 9th International Bioeconomy Conference will take place on 09th and 10th June 2021.

The motto is: "Bio meets Economy - Science meets Industry".

The conference will be held online and is free of charge. The registration will open soon.

In the German Science Year Bioeconomy, Halle (Saale) hosts the Bioeconomy Week with two international conferences – the IAMO Forum 2021 and the 9th International Bioeconomy Conference.

The IAMO Forum is an annual platform for presenting international research in agricultural and related disciplines and stimulating exchange with policy makers and practitioners. The IAMO Forum 2021 (7 - 9 June) is dedicated to agrifood systems in the bioeconomy.


  • Session 1: Socio-economic issues of the bioeconomy

    The transition to the bioeconomy must be pursued at more than just the technological level. Social, political and economic changes are also needed. How can these processes be shaped and supported?
  • Session 2: Lignocellulosic fiber within the bioeconomy

    New ways to generate and use biomass have been developing within the agriculture and forestry industries. What are the current biorefinery trends?
  • Session 3: Plant Productivity under climate change

    The increasing use of biomass as a resource in the production of goods and changing environmental conditions represent a global challenge. How do breeders and researchers meet these challenges?
  • Session 4: The pathway to success with biotech products

    A scarcity of resources means that future economic growth requires sustainable and resource-efficient production technologies. How can biobased products be successfully commercialized?
  • Session 5: Research Highlights funded by BMBF

    Research, funding and the promotion of young researchers are key to the success of the bioeconomy. What are the new research trends and funding initiatives at the BMBF?
Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/4th-biobased-economy-conference