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Bioplastics Science meets Industry

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Digital Conference
Hochschule Hof
Institut für angewandte Biopolymerforschung der Hochschule Hof (ibp)
E-mail: ibp(at)hof-university.de
Phone: +49 (0) 9281 409-4730

The growing amount of plastic waste and microplastic are a major problem for our environment that needs to be solved now. We are committed to solving this problem out of responsibility towards the environment as well as future generations and are devote to develop sustainable solutions based on bioplastics at the Institute of Biopolymers and Sustainability at Hof University.

With the conference BiopolyMEHR - Science meets Industry the organizers want to create a possibility for companies and research institutes, concerned with plastics and recycling, as well as the interested public to exchange and inform themselves about a the latest trends, state of the art and results from science concerning sustainability and the use of bioplastics.

Help to make a significant impact on environmental protection and to present new and innovative approaches to solving the problems caused by the use of petrochemical-based plastics to a wider public. This will be achieved through talks and discussions on the main topics of the conference synthesis, processing, application and the degradation of bioplastics.

Hochschule Hof is looking forward to welcome you as participant or contributor at the digital conference and to your contribution.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/bioplastics-science-meets-industry