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Biopolymers – Renewable Raw Materials for the Circular Bioeconomy


09.30 am - 05.30 pm
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Bayern Innovativ
Bayerische Gesellschaft für Innovation und Wissenstransfer mbH
Professional contact
Dr. Tobias Schwarzmüller
Phone: +49 (0) 911 20671 178

Organizational contact
Christina Schuster
Phone: +49 (0) 911 20671 177

Welcome to the Online Forum Biopolymers 2022!

The transformation of our society and economic system not only requires the necessary switch to renewable energy. The raw material base for the material products of our modern world must also become more sustainable. In addition to renewable raw materials and residual materials from the agricultural, forestry and food industries, processes are also being developed to use carbon dioxide as a renewable raw material through chemical and biotechnological processes.

For companies in all sectors, there are many opportunities to break new ground: to produce more energy- and resource-efficiently, to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire product chain, and to position themselves for the future with more sustainable, climate-friendly products.

New ways of thinking are required, away from conventional materials, familiar processes and fossil raw materials. It takes the courage to create recyclable products, the creativity to design for recycling, the know-how about renewable raw materials and the will to want to contribute to the transformation.

No one can do it alone. Openness to new things, interdisciplinary exchange and cross-industry cooperation are more important today than ever before, not only to get food for thought, but also to tackle biobased developments and more sustainable product innovations with the right partners.

This year's Biopolymers Forum will focus on renewable raw materials, novel processing technologies and sustainable, bio-based products, as well as - in the spirit of a circular economy - the use and recycling of residues and by-products into valuable secondary raw materials.

We network you with manufacturers and material developers, scientists and raw material producers, technology providers and start-ups across the entire value chain - on the topics of raw materials, residual materials and their processing, secondary raw materials and the end product.

Bayern Innovativ GmbH accompanies you in your innovations and transformation to a sustainable company. In order to collect ideas, find the right partners and inform yourself about the latest developments, we design and organize this online forum for you on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

The topics of this year's Biopolymers Cooperation Forum

  • Novel technologies, products, applications in the field of bio-based materials (bioplastics, biopolymers, biocomposites, green chemicals, etc.) from industries such as packaging, consumer goods, textiles, sports, mobility, construction, electronics, agriculture, among others
  • Novel processing technologies and innovative production processes from industrial biotechnology, green chemistry and other industrial processes e.g.. e.g. biocatalysis, industrial enzymes, biorefinery, etc.
  • Use and application of renewable raw materials of the 2nd/3rd generation (e.g. previously unused residues, lignocellulose)
  • Products based on renewable raw materials and recyclable products in the sense of the Circular Bioeconomy
  • Start-up innovations for a circular, sustainable bioeconomy

This announcement is a third-party event and is not organised by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH itself. BIOPRO provides this announcement for distribution and information purposes and, despite careful examination of the content reproduced, assumes no liability for the correctness or subsequent changes by the organizers. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer directly.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/biopolymere-erneuerbare-rohstoffe-fuer-die-zirkulaere-biooekonomie