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CLIB International Conference (CIC 2023) – Setting sail for industrial implementation

Düsseldorf (Germany)
Lindner Congress Hotel
Lütticher Str. 130
40547 Düsseldorf
Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.
Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.
E-mail: infoa(at)clib-cluster.de

From 14 to 15 February 2023, the CLIB International Conference will take place at the Lindner Congress Hotel in Düsseldorf.

Under the title “Setting sail for industrial implementation” we will discuss how biotechnology can make the difference on a larger scale. As a society, we are facing major challenges in the coming years to achieve our climate and sustainability goals.

On the first day of the CIC2023, we will therefore focus on levers in this monumental transformation, highlighting where biotechnology can really make a difference: to harness sustainable resources, to enable innovative processes, and ultimately to close the carbon cycle. Listen to presentations from academia, SMEs, and industry in the sessions

  • Feedstock-agnostic processes,
  • Innovative production systems, and
  • Future carbon circles.

To contribute to the sustainability goals, the bioeconomy’s biorefineries will have to strive towards closing all loops. How can a zero-waste biorefinery be built and its supply with sustainably sourced feedstock ensured? How can all product streams be valorised? These are topics we will focus on during the second day of the CIC2023 in the FARMŸNG Satellite Event: Zero-waste biorefinery concepts. We will take inputs from this project’s first-of-a-kind vertical large-scale insect farm and expand the scope towards other value chains in the sessions

  • Planning and Building,
  • Finding the right feedstock, and
  • Valorising all product streams.

The sessions will be framed by keynote presentations from academia, industry, and investors.

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Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/clib-international-conference-cic-2023-setting-sail-industrial-implementation