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Progress in Biomethane-Mobility

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Biogas plant operators, Environmental certifiers, Engineers in the field of energy consulting, Research & development and many more
IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH
Ministerium für Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz (MLR)
IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH
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Progress in Biomethane-Mobility


  • Selection in a biological context means the assortment of organisms due to their characteristics. On the one hand, this could be natural selection ("survival of the fittest") like in evolutionary processes. On the other hand, selection by man, e.g. breeding, is called artificial selection. Artificial selection is also used in genetic engineering to identify a genetically modified organism due to its new characteristics (e.g. resistance to antibiotics).
  • It is a hydrocarbon and therefore a chemical compund. It is scentless, achromatic and combustible. In industry it is often used as fuel gas.

International Conference with Company Exhibition and Excursion

IBBK’s 3-day conference “Progress in Biomethane Mobility” will bridge the gap between the technology and the end user. We address the international scientific community as well as practitioners to present you the status quo and new and modern technologies.

The company exhibition during the two days of the conference and the excursion to selected biogas upgrading projects and biomethane mobility solutions in the region will put you in direct contact with the technology.

During the excursion, the attendees will get the chance to see the presented technologies first-hand, in practice.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/progress-in-biomethane-mobility/