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The European Biopolymer Summit 2019

Ghent (Belgium)
will be confirmed soon
Target group
Biopolymer manufacturers, Chemical companies, Brand owners, Technology companies, Raw materials’ producers, Consultants
Active Communications International, Inc (ACI)
Kamila Jurdziak – Content
Tel.: +48 (0)61 646 7051
E-Mail: kjurdziak(at)acieu.net

Mohammad Ahsan – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
Tel.: +44 (0)203 141 0606
E-Mail: mahsan(at)acieu.net
The European Biopolymer Summit 2019


  • A base is a component of nucleic acids. There are four different bases: adenine, guanine (purines), cytosine and thymine or uracil (pyrimidines). In RNA, thymine is replaced by uracil.

ACI’s European Biopolymer Summit 2019 will bring together senior executives and experts from biopolymers’ manufacturers, chemical companies, and consultants, to discuss the latest changes, challenges and developments within the industry.

It’s also provides platform to meet experts form other industries such food & beverage, product & packaging and automotive to discuss the latest strategies on commercialisation, application and market access of biopolymer products and methods to overcome current market challenges and maximise the opportunities.

The two day event will give you an insight into the latest updates on the environmental projects, the feedstock’s landscape, and the role of biopolymers in the circular economy, application, new technologies, and many more.

Key Topics 2019 Include:

  • Evaluating Current Environmental Projects And Regulations Within The Biopolymer Industry
  • Assessing The Feedstock’s Landscape For The Biopolymers’ Production
  • Focusing On Biopolymers in The Circular Economy
  • Elaborating On The Application Of Biopolymers From Peoples’ And Planet’s Perspective
  • Introducing New Technologies In Processing New Bio-Based Materials
  • Brand Owners Perspective On The Use And Application Of Biopolymers
  • Focusing On The Basic Understanding Of Biodegradability
  • Assessing The Biobased New Content
  • Analysing The Impact Of Biobased Plastics On The CO2 Reduction
  • Changing Consumer Preference Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Assessing The End-Of-Life Of Materials, Through The Life Cycle Assessment
Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/events/the-european-biopolymer-summit-2019/