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Animal Friends made of renewable resources

fischertechnik has set a new milestone with the Animal Friends construction kit, as the building blocks and packaging are largely made of renewable resources and the models depict playful animals in new colours. The company is thereby taking another major step towards sustainability. The bio-based building set recently won the Toy Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Sammy the spider, Sandy the scorpion, Henry the horse, Larry the lizard, Cleo the cat: These are the five likeable “inhabitants” of fischertechnik's new Animal Friends construction kit. Children aged six and up won’t just enjoy the first animal figures that fischertechnik has launched, as the new orange and green colours provide plenty of fun while assembling a total of 222 parts in these colours.

Animal Friends not only provides inspiration with its fun models but also with its fundamental sustainable aspect, as the plastic building blocks consist of 60 per cent renewable resources. The material is based on castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean which does not compete with food and fodder so that there is no risk of agricultural land needed by people and animals being used. fischertechnik has also given the component packaging a sustainable design.

While designing the construction kit, the developers were able to draw on the competence of the fischer fixing systems division which has already launched a Greenline product line. The respective plugs and injection mortar also consist of 60 per cent renewable resources while offering the same retention forces as the rest of the product range. The bioplastics used by fischertechnik also guarantee the same high level of quality for its building blocks as is found in the conventional fischertechnik building blocks.

The fischer Group of Companies

The fischer Group of Companies, headquartered in Waldachtal in Germany’s northern Black Forest, generated sales of 872 million euro in 2020 with a worldwide staff of 5,200 employees. The family-owned company operates 50 subsidiaries in 38 countries and exports to more than 120 countries. It includes the five divisions: fischer fixing systems, fischer Automotive, fischertechnik, fischer Consulting and LNT Automation

fischer fixing systems is the technological market leader in key areas of fixing technology. fischer offers products that deliver technical perfection to a wide range of customers, from do-it-yourselfers to tradespeople to key account partners.

fischer Automotive manufactures high-quality parts for vehicle interiors. The company is highly competent in the plastics processing segment and is an important partner for the automotive industry. Its range of products includes air vents, cup holders, trays and multi-function components.

With its construction kits, fischertechnik is active in both the toymaking and the educational sector. fischertechnik is one of the last remaining toy makers to exclusively develop and produce in Germany.

fischer Consulting evolved from the competence developed in the company itself, which includes the fischer ProcessSystem with its central aim of permanent improvement for the ultimate benefit of the customer. fischer Consulting advises small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and major companies on their path towards lean and efficient processes.

fischer Electronic Solutions develops and manufactures electronic solutions including product and system developments based on the latest technology as well as custom production orders processed in the company’s own production facilities. As an experienced provider of development and production services for custom systems such as multi-touch solutions made of glass and the corresponding controller units, fischer Electronic Solutions forms the perfect link between the customer and the final product.

Website address: https://www.biooekonomie-bw.de/en/articles/pm/animal-friends-aus-nachwachsenden-rohstoffen